Watch Him Strut His Stuff Like Beyoncé

Benedict Cumberbatch can do it all. First, he imitated Pride and Prejudice's Mr. Darcy. Then, he danced like there's no tomorrow with Tom Hiddelston (*swoon*). Now, Benedict Cumberbatch is strutting like Beyoncé. What can't this beautiful specimen of a man do? During an appearance on BBC America's The Graham Norton Show, comedian Miranda Hart taught Cumberbatch how to do the "ultimate" walk aka the pop star walk aka the Beyoncé walk.

During her demonstration, Hart gave clear instructions on how to correctly do the walk to Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love." Then, before he knew it, the Sherlock actor was recruited to showcase his very own strut. He starts out slowly and smoothly, and then he picks up the pace and adds his own unique twist making hearts pitter patter. If you were wondering, yes, I would hire Cumberbatch to perform that walk for me.

So, do you think Cumberbatch is giving Beyoncé a run for her money? After all, this is Queen B we're talking about. In my opinion, I'd rather watch Cumberbatch. Sorry, not sorry, Beyoncé!

You can watch Cumberbatch in action below (at the 2:18 mark), in addition to Beyoncé strutting her stuff in her music video. This way, you can watch and compare. Also, for those wanting to watch Cumberbatch on Graham Norton's actual show, it airs Saturday stateside.