Beyonce Got Rid Of Her Baby Bangs After A Week, Here's A Few Guesses As To Why

All females know the feeling of going to the hair salon, feeling empowered to try a totally drastic new cut, and coming out practically popping biotin pills so that it will grow back. Fast. Beyoncé may be more like us mortals than we thought. It's been all of a week, maybe ten days if I'm being generous, since Queen Bey cut baby bangs, and as of today, it looks as though Beyonce is fringe free. RIP.

Mrs. Carter was spotted in London with her familiar long-layered hair, but her forehead was surprisingly visible, so her controversial bangs appear to have been retired. Bangs are tricky, and it's equally as difficult to maintain them as it is to pull them off in the first place, so I don't really blame her for going back to her old style, though she had seemed to really like them, posting several pictures of herself modeling her new haircut on social media. And the public definitely had a mixed response to them. But since B hasn't (and probably will not) comment on the reason for the abrupt switch, let's ponder the possible reasons why her baby bangs died such a quick death.

1. Forehead Breakouts

Bangs are notorious for causing pimples when oil and sweat clog up underneath them. Yuck.

2. She Looked Too Much Like Bettie Page

Bey don't need to copy no one.


Bangs + rain/mist/fog/humidity/snow/anything other than pure, dry sunshine = DISASTER OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

4. Awkward Tan Lines

I mean, that could get problematic.

5. They Got In The Way

It might be difficult to "be all night" with those things sweating and flying in your face.

6. They Prohibited The "Hair Flip"

I mean, how do you do THIS when those bangs refuse to move?

7. Just Because

She's freaking BEYONCÉ. She doesn't need a reason.

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