Miley Cyrus Wore a Unicorn Onesie Again & Here Are 7 Mystical Horse Playsuits to Channel Your Inner Toddler

Everyone loves a little regression. Just ask Miley Cyrus, who wore a unicorn onesie at the Sydney airport on Thursday. Recognize those magical horse pajamas? I sure hope so. After all, she made her 2013 twerk debut in a pony-themed forever lazy. This set off a chain reaction throughout the retail world wherein stores like Topshop, Forever 21, and ASOS churned out renditions of this whimsical playsuit within a month. A year later, they're still being snapped up like hotcakes.

So, why deny your Peter Pan complex? Channel your inner toddler a la Miley with these unicorn onesies. While you’re at it, maybe break you’re My Little Ponies out of the closet, too. After all, you'll need something to make your stoned art projects with.

Image: Kigu Onesies

by Arielle Dachille

Purple people eater

Don’t you just wanna get baked, watch The Neverending Story, and eat Dunkaroos in this?

Kigurumi Purple Unicorn Costume, $80 at Urban Outfitters

Image: Urban Outfitters

Easter-Egg Equine

Unfortunately, this one is currently sold out at the moment. However, if you wish upon a star and follow the rainbow of friendship, it may come back in stock. It just may not get to you in time for your cosplay party.

Onesie in Unicorn Style, $85.28 at ASOS

Image: ASOS

The one from Hollister...

That’s right. Hollister makes a unicorn onesie now. As the patron store of your shameful middle school period as a total follower, their adoption of the unicorn onesie confirms that the popular kids have officially co-opted the goth kids’ signifiers. Sorry Miley, but this one’s on you.

Girls Unicorn Onesie, $59.95 at Hollister

Image: Hollister

Pink Fantasy Pony

Own that Brony convention, you fierce mystical horse.

Unicorn Onesie, $74.95 at


Blue-Bellied Legend

Neigh, guys.

Blue Unicorn Onesie, $40 at Kigu Onesies

Image: Kigu Onesies

The one Miley wore

Kigurumi is the cornerstone of the animal playsuit industry, and this onesie is the same one Miley was spotted in at the airport. This onesie is essentially the fetal position in clothing form.

Blue Unicorn Onesie, $69 at Kigurumi

Image: Kigurumi

Gotta Catch 'Em All

South African brand aFREAKa Clothing makes a grey unicorn suit that looks like an undiscovered Pokemon. Poke-ball not included.

Unicorn Onesie in Grey/White, Approx. $32.50 US (350 Rand) from aFREAKa Clothing

Image: aFREAKa Clothing