Miley Cyrus Wore a Unicorn Onesie Again & Here Are 7 Mystical Horse Playsuits to Channel Your Inner Toddler

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Everyone loves a little regression. Just ask Miley Cyrus, who wore a unicorn onesie at the Sydney airport on Thursday. Recognize those magical horse pajamas? I sure hope so. After all, she made her 2013 twerk debut in a pony-themed forever lazy. This set off a chain reaction throughout the retail world wherein stores like Topshop, Forever 21, and ASOS churned out renditions of this whimsical playsuit within a month. A year later, they're still being snapped up like hotcakes.

So, why deny your Peter Pan complex? Channel your inner toddler a la Miley with these unicorn onesies. While you’re at it, maybe break you’re My Little Ponies out of the closet, too. After all, you'll need something to make your stoned art projects with.

Image: Kigu Onesies

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