Tina Belcher Accessories You Need in Your Life

by Rosie Narasaki

Ah, Tina Belcher: the champion of teenage girls — nay, all women — the world over. There are so many reasons to love her: her predisposition for butts, her dedication to her tomes of erotic fan fiction, her love of lying on the floor in times of emotional distress, her rad dance moves, her signature conflicted groan... Yup, Tina Belcher's kind of a feminist hero (even if she does put on her bra one boob at a time, just like the rest of us).

Anyway, if you love Tina as much as I do, chances are, you'll be wanting to pay tribute in some way. A very Tina Belcher Halloween may be a fun route (it is one of the easiest costumes to throw together last-minute — a blue t-shirt, black glasses, red and white tube socks, a denim skirt and some yellow barettes and you're good to go), but if that's not quite your style, there are lots of subtle (and un-subtle) ways to pay tribute to our favorite zombie-fetishist in the world. Snag a bracelet emblazoned with her favorite quote! A phone case commemorating Jimmy Junior's butt! Brooches paying tribute to her best-ever nuggets of advice! The list goes on.

1. Tina's Motto Charm Bracelet

This really says it all.

"Boys, Butts & Unicorns" Bracelet, $25, EclecticRedsDallas/Etsy

2. An Inspirational Quote Charm Bracelet

Tina is inspirational in many ways, but foremost of all? Her healthy self-confidence. Here's a nice reminder, in the form of a charm bracelet.

Bob's Burgers Tina Belcher Quote Bracelet, $25, EclecticRedsDallas/Etsy

3. Inspirational Quote Brooch

Maybe bracelets aren't your style, or maybe you just want to double-down on the sentiment here. Either way, this brooch is kind of a must.

Tina Belcher Brooch, $10, sleepymountain/Etsy

4. Advice Brooch

Self-confidence is key, but so is keeping your cool in times of distress (which is rather ironically something Tina happens to be terrible at).

Tina Belcher Brooch, $10, sleepymountain/Etsy

5. Tina and Louise iPhone Case

Adorbz! Plus, you get two Belchers in one.

Tina and Louise Belcher Phone Case, $19.83, CaramelaCreations/Etsy

6. Butts iPhone Case

The only thing that could possibly make this phone case better would be Jimmy Junior's butt.

Tina Belcher Butts Phone Case, $25, RedBubble

7. Tina Belcher Earrings:

Not ready to go full charm bomb? Here's a more subtle take, in the form of unobtrusive-yet-cute earrings.

Tina Belcher Earrings, $9, sleepymountain/Etsy

8. More Tina Belcher Earrings

If you're feeling morally conflicted (like when your dad wants you to commit some light insurance fraud), these are the earrings for you.

Tina Belcher "Everything's Fine" Face, $8, FemmeFreddie/Etsy

Images: IMDb; Giphy