Jessica Simpson Got a Haircut and Of Course It's a (Really Adorable) Bob Because That's the Official Celeb 'Do of 2014

I'm pretty sure Jessica Simpson's hair has been exactly the same since 1999 and so this news might come as a bit of a shock. Simpson got her hair cut into a blunt bob, aka the official celeb style of 2014, and she looks fantastic. Don't mourn the loss of her Mermaid Barbie waves — "mature" is a vibe that really works on her.

The singer debuted her new 'do on Instagram this weekend with a photo captioned "Short hair don't care... Cut by my favorite @roqchop and blondie by the best of all time @ritahazan." Simpson's color is still her signature white-blonde, although it's looking a little sleeker when paired with such a sophisticated coiffure. Do I sense edgy silhouettes and geometric cut outs in her future?

Maybe that's pushing it, but clearly Simpson is going through something of a style revolution. I've never been a huge fan of the (current and former) newlywed's personal style, not even back in 2003 when low-rise jeans and layered pink tank tops were all the rage — although she does design some pretty cute shoes. However, this new hair is great on her! I think this is a sign of positive things to come in Jessica Simpson's life... and a sign that the bob won't be losing steam any time soon.