17 Photos Proving Kanye West Used To Smile A Lot More In 2007

By Kaitlin Reilly
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Kanye West isn't a big smiler. In fact, his general Kanye look is downright depressed. In most photos from recent years, West looks like a puppy whose toy was taken away by a bigger dog. But in 2007, the guy was allll smiles — seriously. Maybe it was the fact that his album Graduation won the album sales battle against 50 Cent's Curtis (is it too early to say "remember 50 Cent?!"), maybe it was his tour with U2 — hell, maybe it was Kim Kardashian's rise to fame. But whatever it was, Yeezus had a lot to smile about in 2007. Click through to check it out all the glorious photos of West's 2007 smiles.

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