Focus on Her Dancing, Not Her Love Life

With every new season of Dancing with the Stars come romance rumors, which is exactly what's been happening with partners Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy, who definitely share a spark. There's no doubt these two have amazing chemistry week after week, but Parrish (also known for her time as Mona Vanderwaal on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars) has addressed whether or not she and Chmerkovskiy share feelings via her personal DWTS blog for People. In my opinion, she has the perfect response:

As far as the rumors of romance between Val and me, I just want people to focus on the dancing that we do and the hard work that we do. I appreciate that people see that we have chemistry, and we absolutely do, but whatever feelings we have, those are our feelings and those are personal.

Amen, Parrish. Yes, they're both in the limelight, where it's extremely difficult not to watch and speculate about a celebrity relationship, and having your personal life dissected comes with the territory of being a celeb, but as she says, it's "personal." End of discussion. Whether they want to divulge that they're are indeed dating or not dating is completely up to them. It's easy to say they have feelings for one another, especially since Parrish recently broke up with her boyfriend, but again, not our business. If I was in Parrish's shoes, I also wouldn't feel the need (nor would I want everyone poking into my personal life) to reveal my relationship status. I guess it's a good thing I'm not famous.

Let's move on from looking at these two under a microscope and focus on what's really important, like how adorable they are. I mean, just check out their matching Halloween costumes.