And The Worst Day To Go To The Gym Is...

by Alanna Greco

If you are just as thrilled about heading to the gym as you are about getting your shots, then chances are you’ll take any excuse to avoid the sweaty masses. Luckily for you, Jawbone did some digging into people's gym habits, crunched a few numbers, and is now kindly providing us with the perfect excuse to just stay home tonight. Because if you want to avoid waiting in line for a treadmill, the worst day to go to the gym is Monday.

According to Jawbone's report, Monday is the most popular day for gym goers, supposedly because a new week brings a new resolve to stay in shape. As the days go on, however, our willpowers seem to steadily weaken until we reach our low point of the week on Friday, when we kind of give up on going altogether (probably because we are all heading out to happy hour screaming "TGIF!"). Friday sees lower gym attendance than any other day of the week.

Some other findings? More people work out on Saturday than Sunday, but the number of people hitting the gym over the weekend is still lower than those who work out during the workweek. So if you want to make sure you'll be able to grab a set of free weights, making time for the gym on Friday through Sunday is your best bet.

Jawbone's report didn't just stop at gym time, though. Apparently, our weekly eating habits also seem to get progressively worse as the week unfolds. The report found that we are most likely to eat healthy meals toward the beginning of the week, filling up on foods like quinoa and brown rice on Monday. But as the days creep by, we're more likely to help ourselves to unhealthy foods like French fries and ice cream. And unlike our fitness regimens, our eating habits don't tend to improve over the weekend, when bacon and beer consumption reach a peak.

So if you are looking for motivation to go to the gym, or you want to start eating healthier, it's time to start paying attention to how you use your weekends. And even though you now have an excuse to snuggle up with your Netflix account tonight, don't forget to amp yourself up for your midweek work outs.

Images: Health Gauge/Flickr, Giphy