This Was a Long Time Coming

Well, Bachelor Nation, it may have taken (much, much) longer to get to this point than we expected, but alas, here we are. According to Us Weekly, Juan Pablo Galavis and Nicki Ferrell have broken up. I hate to knock 'em when they're down, but really, anyone who watched their season of The Bachelor knows that this split was a long time coming. Plus, they went on to participate on the VH1 series Couples Therapy which isn't exactly a sign of a lasting relationship.

As Us Weekly reports, the news has been confirmed by multiple sources and Nikki unfollowed Juan Pablo on Twitter and Facebook on Oct. 26. Ouch!

If you've followed the trials of Nikki and JP, you know that he famously told Nikki, "I like you a lot" instead of "I love you" on The Bachelor finale. And, in Bachelor terms, that is a LOW BLOW. Saying "I love you" is usually not even enough. This show is supposed to end with a proposal and, I assume, the couple coming together to sign a contract agreeing to have their wedding televised.

On Couples Therapy, Juan Pablo still refused — Is refused the right word? I mean, if ya don't love someone, you don't love them, I guess — to tell Nikki he loves her saying, "She wants to hear I love you. It's a word issue. If I say it, I mean it."

The report that the couple is over seems to be cemented by the fact that both Nikki and Juan Pablo posted suspicious messages on social media Sunday. Nikki uploaded this telling quote to Instagram with the added caption, "Nope not one single second:"

And Juan Pablo tweeted this:

That is soooo Juan Pablo of him I could scream! As we saw during his "break up" with Andi on the show, he doesn't really get feelings. Andi was devastated at how rude he was, but he seemed to just brush it off and kept saying "it's OK." And when he rejected Clare at the final rose ceremony, she was disgusted with him and in response he muttered, " I’m so glad I didn’t pick her " as she walked away. Now, Nikki is clearly pissed off that she wasted her time and he's all, "You live and you learn." Ugh, Juan Pablo. Ugh.