Apple Pay Isn't Going As Well As Expected, But There's Still Hope

Apple's new payment system is supposed to revolutionize your wallet — and almost eliminate it — by storing your credit and debit cards in your iPhone. But, major retailers like Walmart hate Apple Pay, and that may result in the project's overall failure. Why all the hate? Well, unsurprisingly, corporations dislike being told what to do. According to Business Insider, these major retailers are essentially rioting against Apple purely because they want to choose their own payment systems without having to buy into what they believe is a potential monopoly.

So far Walmart, Best Buy, Rite Aid, and CVS have all rejected the system after going through a trial period. They want to use their own systems to retain consumer data, and they don't want Apple interfering. But, those systems haven't received too many positive reviews, so Apple Pay may not be out the door just yet.

Regardless of whether they'll come crawling back or not, Apple currently has only 26 partners who are still on board with the program. So they're definitely in trouble, it's just a matter of figuring out whether it's short term or long term trouble.

It's a shame because, honestly, Apple Pay looks pretty cool. First off – it scans your finger print to unlock your wallet, which is basically straight out of every awesome spy movie ever. Secondly, it can hold basically any credit card under the sun, so you can use it anywhere. Thirdly, it doesn't share your data with retailers (which might be why they hate it so much).

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

But, on the other hand, despite claiming Apple Pay to be super secure, Apple has endured its fair share of security breaches. This includes the infamous Fappening scandals, where hackers pulled nude photographs of several actresses by hacking into the Cloud. So, no matter how secure they might say their payment system is, it's only a matter of time before someone tries to breach it.

Is Apple Pay the wallet of the future, or just another well-intentioned but ultimately harmful way to bring technology even further in our personal lives? I don't know. My jury is still out on it. But if it works, it has the potential to be really cool and save us all a lot of room in our purses, so I'm hoping these retailers ultimately decide to give it another shot.

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