The Fitbit Watch Is Finally Here

Well, Fitbit is at it again. The company that blessed us with Tory Burch fitness trackers is launching the Fitbit “super watch” and two other new devices. The newest kids in the fitness club includes the $249.95 Surge, which lets fitness fanatics make their workout a bit more fun with text alerts, caller ID, and music control. Kind of motivates you to hit the gym, right? The new collection also includes the $129.95 Fitbit Charge and $149.95 Fitbit Charge HR.

Of course the new devices also come with technical features to help us all get into shape. Each new Fitbit includes sleep quality monitors, workout trackers, and measures the number of calories burned. Runners will also be pleased to try out the new GPS technology, which lets users better track their route. Each device comes in black, grey, blue, and purple. Christmas present, anyone?

Still not sure about the fitness tracker trend? Fitbit makes it easy for anyone to get in on the whole “hitting the gym” thing by matching potential buyers with their best Fitbit based on price and activity level.

The new Fitbits won’t hit stores until early 2015—perfect timing to assist us all in our New Year’s resolutions.

For now, here’s a sneak peek at the newest gadgets. Daydream on:

Image: @fitbit/Twitter