His Latest Role Could Be the Best One Yet

In what's sure to be the best news you'll hear all day, Deadline exclusively reports that Marvel is in final negotiations with Benedict Cumberbatch to play Doctor Strange . That's right, Cumber-fans — America's favorite Brit is gearing up to be a superhero, which — let's be honest — is the dream we've all been waiting for. Nothing has been completely confirmed just yet, but if the actor's casting has gotten as far as final talks, then it's really only a matter of time before this becomes a done deal, wouldn't you say? I mean, pretty much everything Cumberbatch touches turns to gold these days. And now that he's already racking up quite a bit of Oscar buzz for his work in The Imitation Game, I'd say it'd be a pretty huge get on Marvel's part. (Though I hope this doesn't mean we'll have to wait even longer for more Sherlock now.)

For those unfamiliar with the premise of this iconic comic book character, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange is a former neurosurgeon, who serves as the Sorcerer's Supreme — which basically means he's the primary protector of Earth against all things magical. Did I mention there's also a distinct chance a very form-fitting superhero suit will probably be involved as well? So yeah, this is pretty much a huge win for the Cumberbatch fandom and will inspire what I'm sure will be many more creative Tumblr pages. But can you really blame them? After all, Cumberbatch is basically perfect for the part. For starters…

He's Got a Face You Can Trust

Any superhero worth his salt knows he must look like someone the public can depend on in times of crisis — something that Cumberbatch has clearly mastered since Day 1. When this guy makes a promise, boy-oh-boy do we believe it. In fact, I'm fully confident that he could forever change the way we all say penguin, if he really wanted to.

His Commanding Voice Will Make Villains Cower in Fear

Ugh, that voice. It can be so seductive yet so menacing all at the same time. To this day, I'm not completely sure if I'm attracted to or downright terrified of his Smaug impression. The same can be said for his portrayal of Khan in Star Trek, though I'll admit I do feel more comfortable swooning over a human-like figure rather than a mythical creature with scales. (But that's just me.) Either way, that deep-throated voice of his is guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of those who cross him.

He's Already Played Many Intellectual Roles

Aside from being a skilled neurosurgeon and master of magic, Doctor Strange is known for his genius-level intellect — an ability Cumberbatch seems to have in spades. Between his impressive deductive skills as Sherlock Holmes and his mathematical prowess as Alan Turing, it's clear that this Brit is more than capable of embodying the very essence of intellectual greatness. You might even say he's a genius at being a genius.

He's Skilled in Combat

Doctor Strange is also supposed to be trained in the ways of martial arts, and given what we've seen of Cumberbatch's fighting moves in the past, I'd say it's a task he'd more than be up for tackling. (And we'd more than be up for watching.)

His Flying Capabilities Are Unmatched

Talk about flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I think this image alone pretty much says it all.

Clearly, this is the role he was born to play and all I have to say is BRING. IT. ON.

Images: Wifflegif (5); canuckcumberbabe/Tumblr