Neil Patrick Harris to Host NBC Variety Show & It's A Gig He's Perfectly Primed For

In what seems like some kind of TV destiny, Neil Patrick Harris might do a variety show. According to Vulture NBC is close to landing Harris as host of Saturday Night Takeaway, an American version of the long-running British show. And Harris is close to landing them right back. As he told Vulture, "Nothing like this has been done before, and it's unique structure fits right into my random skill set." He's very, very right: Harris is a performer whose talents harken back to the days of '50s and '60s Hollywood musicals, as well as to '60s and '70s variety shows. If there's anyone who can bring back an old TV staple and actually make it gel, it's likely Harris.

If this all ends up coming to fruition, it's highly unlikely that it'd just be Harris singing, dancing, and joking all by his lonesome for the NBC audience — though he could probably get away with that at this point. He'd likely be more of a facilitator in his host capacity, herding glorious guest stars — and hopefully himself — into wacky situations and hopefully frequent musical numbers.

Harris is uniquely primed for an opportunity for this: A frequent Emmy nominee and a Tony winner, he's hosted practically everything on top of being in all the stuff that gets nominated (How I Met Your Mother, Hedwig, probably Gone Girl). He's made his name as a very busy multi-hyphenate, actor-singer-dancer-jokester. His resume for this job writes itself.

It goes back to at least his Doogie Howser days

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It got pretty trippy back then.

His talents were put to particular use throughout How I Met Your Mother

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He's obviously got the comedy bits down

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Can you imagine the GUEST STARS we'll get with this variety show??

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And singing and dancing, just in general

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Let's hope for a David Burtka appearance.

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And let's not forget his many hosting gigs

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