'The Originals' Cami & Klaus "Live and Let Die" Their Issues & Apparently Cami's Into Mikaelsons Now Too

Well, this wasn't something I saw coming — especially when Klaus Mikaelson doesn't really have room for another blonde potential love interest in his life. And, there's also that pesky detail that Cami and Marcel were casually getting it on at the beginning of The Originals Season 2. During Monday night's new episode, "Live and Let Die," Cami and Klaus reunited on The Originals , mostly because he needed to find Davina. But also, apparently, because there are some lingering feelings between the Original hybrid and New Orleans' resident blonde.

Clearly the romantic plot is thickening on the Vampire Diaries spin-off series and, thankfully, it's not because Klaus and Hayley are definitely going to become a thing. On Monday night, Cami met with Finn (she's still under the impression that he's just her mentor) where she spilled her guts about having feelings for Klaus. Why? Well, because Finn asked her whether or not there were any special men in her life, which was obviously to gauge whether or not Cami would be a valuable tool in luring Klaus into Esther's latest trap. And, of course, it worked.

Cami waxed poetic about this emotional connection she had with a "special" guy who had an abusive father and terrible mother — aka Klaus — and set herself up to become live bait. But she also did something more — Cami convinced herself to put aside her hurt feelings about Klaus' disappearance and her guilt over baby Hope's "death" and reunited with the former King of the French Quarter. I mean, of course this was all part of Klaus' ruse to get to Davina, Mikael, and the White Oak Stake, but The Originals set something interesting up for Season 2 — the possibility that Klaus and Cami might actually take her feelings somewhere. Considering she apparently feels more for Klaus than she did for Marcel (Marcel just got a "great abs" comment during her heart-to-heart with Finn).

Cami's officially proven herself to be Klaus' ally in all of this and, while she's emotionally invested, thankfully, she's not afraid of giving Klaus a hard time. I mean, she actually called him out for using her in the past as someone to talk to and then erasing her memories afterwards (shitty move, Klaus), that takes serious guts. And I can respect that. At the very least, Cami and Klaus getting together — while it's still not Klaroline — might be good for Klaus. She actually likes him, not just because they're the same species or share a child like Hayley, and she's going to challenge him and keep him on the straight and narrow. Klaus could use a little structure and someone who's not concerned with calling him out when he's being the worst, especially after years of Elijah's coddling.

Image: Guy D'Alema/The CW