Is Michelle Duggar Done Having Kids?

by Nicole Pomarico

When I think about whether or not 19 Kids and Counting star Michelle Duggar should have more kids or not, I wonder if there's any other answer to that question besides "no." At 47 years old, her days of child bearing are nearing their end, and maybe that's a good thing. After all, isn't the poor woman exhausted? I would be, after more or less being constantly pregnant for, like, two and a half decades. I think Michelle has more than earned a break. But if you ask her the same question? She'll tell you she's up for round 20.

Yup — even now, 19 kids, a miscarriage, and a preemie later, Michelle and Jim Bob still believe that the best kind of birth control is none at all, and if they can have more kids, they totally will. Earlier this year, they saw a fertility doctor (an experience which aired on an episode of 19 Kids and Counting) and were told the odds aren't too good, but that doesn't mean their fingers aren't crossed for a miracle.

"We would love more children if God saw fit to give us more," she said on the episode. "I just want to make sure I am ready to catch a baby if that would happen."

Dr. Paul Wendel, the high-risk pregnancy specialist they went to see, ended up telling them that it would be "very unusual" for Michelle to get pregnant at her age, and should she get pregnant, there's a much higher chance that the baby could suffer from down syndrome. Still, though, if a baby should be in their future, they're willing to welcome the opportunity with open arms.

After seeing the complications that came with her pregnancy with her youngest daughter, Josie, that almost cost Michelle her baby's life and her own, I'm surprised that she's willing to keep trying. After a scare like that, I'd probably take it as a sign to treat my uterus really, really nicely. But obviously, having baby number 20 is totally Michelle's prerogative. If that will make her happy, go for it — and I can't argue that it wouldn't make great television.

But, I would just hate to see all those kids lose their mom because she decided to have another baby. Despite whether or not I agree with her philosophy on children (or a whole slew of other, more political issues), I think she's genuinely a good mother and she loves her family. It would break my heart to see the Duggars lose her.

Plus, with a new grandbaby on the way, Michelle's about to have all the perks of a new little one and none of the crappy stuff, like dirty diapers and sleepless nights — both of which I'm sure she's seen far too many of in her life. Don't be afraid to enjoy the grandma life, Michelle. I hear it's fabulous.