11 Taylor Swift Word Puns All Swifties Need

If you haven't learned this simple truth yet, then allow me to be the one to enlighten you. Taylor Swift is exactly like us. By which I mean, Swift is a bigger dork than Jennifer Lawrence at any award show. How do you know? Between her Twitter, her Instagram, and her Tumblr, she's done nothing but prove herself to be relatable, easily excitable, and very, very funny. And also kind of a stalker. In fact, Swift invented the term taylurking to describe her fan stalking behavior, because you're not a real stalker until you coin your own phrase and have it trending on Twitter. Between that and Swift's intense love for cats, it's a lot like watching your beloved but crazy aunt properly discover the Internet for the first time.

Now that taylurking has entered the vocabulary of every Swiftie under the sun, we might need an entire wealth of punny terms based on Swift's first name to describe certain actions that take place all the time in her fan base. I mean, taylurking is going to get pretty old soon, so it's always good to have lots of options to cycle through, right? If you don't know what taylurking means, or if you simply want a new tay-word to describe your level of fandom, check the glossary below. You probably didn't even know there was a word for what you do until now.

1. Taylurking

Verb. When you're going about your every day life, loving Swift and all that she does, and have no idea that Swift is looking at all your pictures and reading all your posts and dying right along with you. Synonyms: taystalking.

2. Taylooking

Verb. When you tweet evidence of your Swift love to her and have the joy and honor of her retweeting it because she actually saw it buried somewhere in her thousands of Twitter replies.

3. Tayliking

Verb. When Swift likes your post, whether on Tumblr or Twitter or Instagram.

4. Taylosing

Verb. A phenomenon that has never occurred because everything Swift does is made of win and by being a fan of hers, you become a taywinner.

5. Taylistening

Verb. When you put on your favorite Swift song and immerse yourself in it until you have no idea where her voice ends and your thoughts begin. Synonyms: tayssimilation.

6. Taylording

Verb. What Swift does every second of every day. Synonyms: tayqueening and tayslaying.

7. Tayloving

Verb. What Swifties do every second of every day. Luckily for us, Swift tayloves us right back.

8. Taylucky

Noun. A phenomenon that occurs when something good happens to you on a day that began with a Swift song. Like listening to "Welcome to New York" on your subway ride to work and finding five dollars on your way there.

9. Tayleading

Noun. An activity that occurs when Swift takes it upon herself to become the personal cheerleader / lifestyle guru for a fan in need. The activity also occurs when Swifties encourage her to reach her dreams right back.

10. Taylate

Adjective. A word to describe a person who hasn't downloaded 1989 yet.

11. Taylationship

Noun. As big of a deal as everyone has been making about Swift being single for the last year, all the Swifties know that she has in fact been in a taylationship with three things: her cats, her fans, and New York. And that's what make her so taytastic.

Image: totallytaylor-gifs/Tumblr (11)