What's on TV on Halloween? Trick or Treating Is So Overrated

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I am an adult who has absolutely no shame in dressing up in ridiculous costumes anytime of the year, which is why Halloween is one of the best holidays for me. But if you'd rather avoid the ghouls of the outside world, you may be wondering what's on TV on Halloween night. Well, this guide has got you covered.

Now, I'd like to emphasize that as much as I love TV, I strongly encourage all people to get your Halloween party and costume on. (C'mon, people! Halloween falls on Friday this year. It's a gift from the mystical world!) But if you are wallowing in the fact that you left work early to hand out candy and no one even rang your doorbell, or if you took your own little pumpkins out trick-or-treating, or if you just had a long end-of-the-month week at work, sit back and relax. Curl up on the couch, grab some of that Halloween candy, pour yourself a spirit, and enjoy the eerie glow of your TV.

Please note that all times listed are ET, so make sure you check your local listings for any spooky deviations.

Image: Universal Pictures

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