'1989's Misheard Lyrics Are Hilarious

When I was younger — before I knew that the glorious Internet existed — I would sit with my personal CD player each time a new album came out and handwrite each song's lyrics. If I missed the lyrics, I would rewind the CD, and replay it until I was sure of what I had written down. Not only was my method a time consuming process, but it also proved to be very unreliable, as I was embarrassed at one too many 6th grade parties for not knowing the proper lyrics to Princess Diaries soundtrack (I swear I had friends). Now, many years later, I've discovered Taylor Swift's new album 1989 has some hilarious lyrics that I misheard, too.

But now that the Internet exists — or maybe now that I am aware it exists — learning the correct lyrics to songs has never been easier. But that doesn't stop the inevitable misheard lyric from happening while listening to a new album, because chances are, you're not sitting with your laptop open, scrolling through screens of lyrics — and if you are, good for you, because you'll know the right words.

So when I was listening to T Swift's new album, I heard a few things that just didn't sound quite right. And if you didn't hear them this way originally, then from now on, I promise you will. Hear are six of the best misheard lyrics from 1989.

"Blank Space"

Time: 54 seconds (and multiple other times)

Misheard lyrics: "Got a long list, Starbucks lovers"

Actual lyrics: "Got a long list of ex-lovers"

Notes: Look, if you're a frequent Starbucks visitor, your favorite barista might actually be your Starbucks lover. Not completely out of left field.

"Out of the Woods"

Time: 1:37

Misheard lyrics: "Your neck is hanging from my neck"

Actual lyrics: "Your necklace hanging from my neck"

Notes: Yikes. When I first heard "your neck is hanging from my neck" I pictured two giraffes who had their necks intertwined, which I have a feeling Swift wasn't going for.

"Welcome To New York"

Time: 1:01

Misheard lyrics: "It's a new sound jock"

Actual lyrics: "It's a new soundtrack"

Notes: It's close, but instead of picturing whatever I am supposed to picture from the word "soundtrack," I picture a douchey frat guy who is into DJ'ing, but calls himself a "sound jock," adding to his douchiness.

"Bad Blood"

Time: The entire song

Misheard lyrics: "Cause baby now we got bed bugs."

Actual lyrics: "Cause baby now we got bad blood."

Notes: It's a great follow up to "Welcome to New York" at least... I know "bad blood" doesn't scream "bed bugs" but once someone points it out, it's tough to unhear.

"Shake It Off"

Time: 53 seconds (and multiple other times)

Misheard lyrics: "Bakers gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake."

Actual lyrics: "Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break."

Notes: Shoutout to those who only hear food lyrics when they listen to songs!

"How You Get The Girl"

Time: 25 seconds

Misheard lyrics: "Say it's been a long six arms."

Actual lyrics: "Say it's been a long six months."

Notes: Unless Swift adopted an accent in this one moment, I refuse to believe she is saying months.

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