A "New Mellie" Costume is Mostly Sass

If you're hating on Mellie from Scandal, don't let the door hit you on your way out. She's always been the victimized wife of that horribly inept president Fitz, but in Season 4, she's just about had enough and she's said "To hell with it all." Bellamy Young even referred to Mellie's new state of being as "Rhymes with Puck You Mellie," and Twitter rejoiced that she stopped being polite and started getting real. Obviously one of the costumes making the rounds this year will be the flawless Olivia Pope, but New Mellie's got just as much attitude and is a woman you'd want to be, so why not dress up like Bellamy Young in Season 4 of Scandal? If anything, it's a super last minute costume that requires little effort and a lot of unbridled DGAF posturing. Easy enough for any lady that's ever been fed up with a man.

So while you'd have to scour The Limited's Olivia Pope collection for her outfit — which truly would be a blessing in disguise, but we're not all rollin' in dough — you can probably put together a Mellie costume with items from your own closet. And if you DO need to purchase anything additional, there's a 90% chance it will be pajamas.

First of all, the attitude

New Mellie has forsaken her tip-toe attitude about everything, really, but especially about Fitz and Olivia. She won't stand for the bullshit no more. So on Halloween night, if anyone tries to step to you, DON'T PUT UP WITH IT. You deserve better. Show them what's what.


This is pretty crucial. New Mellie does not have the time nor energy to be getting dressed in those perfect, preppy skirt suits anymore. She's been through a whole hell of a lot, and she deserve to post up. You can opt for a silky, floral option for a little added oomph, or you can let totally loose...


...And get one of these cushy spa robes. Perfect for after a shower, or just for like, you know, whatever. Sleeping in, snacking in, sulking in.

Your feet should be cozy, too

Obvious choice here is an UGG boot, but let's be real, they are pricey (besides the fact that they are so universally loathed). If you've already got a pair, great, but you don't need to break the bank to get your cozy on. You can always opt for this pair from Target, which I personally own and highly recommend.

Snacks are crucial

New Mellie is a down ass woman who likes to snack. You can go the obvious route and tote around Halloween candy, but why not stay true to the Scandal episode and rock the cereal? "Boo Berry" is the best because look at how much that ghost just DOESN'T care. If you really want to go HAM, you can get a bucket of fried chicken.


Get that dirty shirt, don't wash your hair for a few days, and if you're truly feeling committed, you can drape a zebra blanket around your shoulders. Annnnd if your Halloween plans fall through, you're already dressed to veg out and watch a rerun of Hocus Pocus. What do you care? You're New Mellie.

Images: ilikeubuturcrazy/Tumblr (2); gladiator-s/Tumblr; ASOS; Target; Amazon