'Shark Tank' Halloween Costume Ideas that the Sharks Should Seriously Invest In

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When a holiday is just around the corner in the real world, Shark Tank usually features some festive products from budding entrepreneurs. However, it doesn't look like any of the products for the Oct. 31 Shark Tank episode will showcase anything Halloween-related. That's probably for the best, since it's kind of a toss-up as to whether or not the sharks will be into seasonal products because they tend to not be able to make money off them all year round.

Plus, the sharks are so busy, who knows if they even have time to celebrate Halloween? One hopes that they do, but they still probably don't have much time to spare to put together a killer costume. Luckily, they don't need to, because they have me. I have taken the liberty of coming up with a wicked outfit perfect for each of the sharks to wear this Halloween. And no, they're not negotiable.

Image: Michael Desmond/ABC

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