23 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Friends Than People

Call me a crazy cat lady (seriously do it, I dare you), but I've never understood the need to have regular people friends when you can have adorable feline friends. Basically, cats are perfect. They understand the complexities of human emotions better than, well, humans do, and they're always willing to peer inside your soul with their big ol' cat eyes and help you find your inner peace (that is, if they aren't too busy knocking things over, mewing over their empty food bowls or, you know, ignoring you). The truth is, cats make the best friends, and because October 29 is National Cat Day, it's time we give them the respect they deserve.

Cats have somehow gotten this reputation as being a little standoffish, kind of snooty, and generally disagreeable, but I say that couldn't be farther from the truth. Do you really want someone around who clings to you all the time? Would your friends sit there silently without judgement as you down a bottle of wine while binge watching season two of Grey's Anatomy and wondering out loud if you'll ever find "your person"? Are they able to fill your heart with indescribable joy simply by doing things like sitting in boxes, sitting in circles, or giving you side-eye when you go to reach for the TV remote they're resting upon? I didn't think so. Not that you need more convincing, but here are 23 reasons why cats are better friends than people.

1. They're always willing to play banker during Monopoly games

Your move.

2. They give the best hugs

And let's be honest, kitten cuddles are the best kind of cuddles.

3. They always dress to impress

And they're probably willing to share a few style tips, too, if you ask them nicely.

4. They take dental hygiene very seriously

Can you say that about the rest of your friends?

5. They are incredibly hard workers

6. But they're always ready to let loose at happy hour

And they mix a mean cocktail to boot.

7. Sometimes they look like cyborg cat robots from outer space without even trying

Can your friends do this?

8. They'll help you with your laundry

Someone has to make sure you don't leave any socks behind in the dryer.

9. They're extremely well read

10. They're always willing to walk a mile in your shoes

A literal puss in boots.

11. They're likely to break into song and dance at any second

12. And they spin some pretty great tunes

13. They love to go sight-seeing

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

And they always take the best selfies.

14. They'll drive you to the airport if you ask them politely

Good luck trying to find a friend who will do that.

15. They're always up for meeting new people

I told you, they're quite friendly.

16. They're great at duets

So if you're looking to partner up with someone for a little "Heart and Soul," you know who to turn to.

17. They're great at helping you chill out

Just try to do work when there's an adorable kitten sitting on your computer.

18. Not to mention they always clean up after themselves

19. They love pizza as much as you do

You guys are soul mates, basically.

20. But they also understand the importance of eating a healthy breakfast

21. Basically, they're always watching out for you

22. And they'll love you forever

23. Except for when they don't

Happy National Cat Day!

Images: Roadsidepictures, Charles Huss, uncledozer, Chuck Olsen, PDXDj, Tess Aquarium, Eric Smith, amy_sloan, dougwoods,/Flickr; Giphy (15); Getty Images