Sorry, Taylor, But These Puppies Shake It Better

Taylor Swift may be the queen of country, pop, red lipstick, shaking off haters, and now even New York, but she ain't got nothin' on these cute little puppies shaking off water in slow motion. Let me repeat: Puppies. Shaking off water. Drool and hair flying everywhere. Ears flopping all around. All of this and more can be found in photographer Carli Davidson's new book, Shake Puppies . Did I just tremendously improve your day? You're welcome.

We already knew that dogs were amazingly magical and fluffy little creatures, but Davidson still manages to capture their individual personalities in a unique way. Shake Puppies, the follow-up to her bestselling Shake, showcases these adorable, grooving pooches juxtaposed against colorful backdrops. If you're looking for a gift even even the most soulless, black-hearted, life-hating monster on your holiday gift list, this book is pretty much guaranteed to melt the hearts of even the Grinchiest individuals.

Not only is this book beneficial to human happiness, but it's also great for the puppies: Davidson eschews unethical breeders in favor of working with rescue shelters and pet owners. Says Davidson:

I played animal therapist a lot and even gave out a bunch of trainers' names and book recommendations ... Most dogs end up in a rescue when they are about a year old and so much of the reason is a lack of understanding. I want to use this platform to combat that.

I mean, seriously. Look at this. No, really, stop what you're doing and let's all take a moment so bask in the exquisite joy of the fresh beasts:

You are just a puddle of goo right now, am I right? Yeah.

How could you not love this goober?!

Shake it off, shake it off

So basically buying this book makes you a happier person and a crusader for canine rights? Um, why are you still sitting here reading this and not busting it to the nearest bookstore to buy copies for yourself and everyone you know? If you need any more motivation, just watch this video and I'll go start your car for you.

Images: Courtesy of Carli Davidson