Rehab & Sex Tape for Lamar Odom

It's that time again: Time for your daily Kardashian Krisis update. And brace yourselves with this one, guys, 'cause it's a doozy. According to People, Lamar Odom has entered rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, after realizing, at wife Khloe Kardashian's behest, that "he needs help."

Tabloid stories in recent weeks have alleged that Lamar is battling a drug problem with crack cocaine, and, according to some reports, the Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian have been attempting to persuade Khloe to leave him.

Most reports, including this new story in People, specify that Khloe is not looking into divorce, and is instead trying to get Lamar help so that they can work on their marriage. But, if this other bit of gossip is true, that all might change: A new post on Naughty But Nice Rob alleges that Lamar may be "following in the footsteps of sister-in-law Kim Kardashian," because a sex tape featuring him and some "video vixen" who is not his wife is being shopped around.

The validity of this, of course, won't be clear until Vivid swoops in and purchases it to make some sort of Kardashian porno boxset, but if it is true, I imagine Kris Jenner's head is probably doing a 360º spin right now a la Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

Is it a bad sign when the tabloid drama becomes more interesting than the reality show Khloe-and-Kris-TPed-my-house drama? Probably.