Taylor Swift Has Surprisingly Thrifty Style

Despite the fact that she owns a $19.9 million dollar apartment in TriBeCa, Taylor Swift is actually spotted wearing affordable clothes on a pretty regular basis. The country-turned pop star sure does love her Urban Outfitters, just like the rest of us somewhat stylish normals!

Let's face it — we're a little bit obsessed with celebrities who, on occasion, sport looks we can actually buy (hence the fact that media endlessly tracks each time Beyonce is spotted in Topshop). The fact that Taylor Swift sometimes sports outfits you or I could not only emulate but afford makes her seem super relatable and down-to-earth, despite her international fame.

The 1989 singer clearly knows that "expensive as heck" isn't always better. For instance, she was recently spotted wearing an affordable ensemble from the U.K. brand Miss Patina that came in under $200. Of course, Swift paired the matching set with $795 Charlotte Olympia Dolly Island platforms, but hey... at least she didn't splurge on the entire outfit!

In celebration of her new album, let's take a look at some times when T-Swizzle (my not-nerdy-at-all nickname for her) showed us that gorgeous things can come in inexpensive packages. Taylor Swift — she bakes cookies and loves a good bargain on sundresses! She's just like us!

1. Miss Patina on the streets of NYC

This is the set mentioned above, and it proves that Taylor won't be retiring the co-ord look now that summer is over — which is great news since it works so well on her.

2. Urban Outfitters #1

Something tells me Swift isn't combing the sales rack like the rest of us, but UO is pretty inexpensive as far as celebrity favorites go. This is only one of many (many) times she's been seen wearing the hipster-fabulous brand. This exact dress is long gone (she wore it over the summer), but there are other floral, vintage-y frocks with the same feel up on the site.

3. Urban Outfitters #2

This MinkPink romper only costs $79 and, while it's sold out in black, you can still snag a peach version.

4. Urban Outfitters #3

Swift looks lovely in black and white check with a Peter Pan collar, and there's a similar dress on sale now for $59.

5. Everlane

This quirky get-up is comprised of tailored Everlane shorts and another Miss Patina piece — the eyelashes button-down blouse.

6. Warehouse in L.A.

Swift was recently spotted in this matching set from Warehouse. The top and bottom are each currently on sale for only $21 (marked down from $32). As an added bonus, she's carrying her fave purse — from Aldo!

Get down with your thrifty self, T-Swizzle!

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