Meet the 'Slednecks' Cast — They're Like the 'Buckwild' Cast but Colder

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For all those who couldn't wait until Thursday night, MTV has already made the first episode of Slednecks available on their website, and let me tell you, it doesn't look like we're about to find the next Snookie... probably not even the next Cameran from The Real World Season 14. Slednecks is very similar to last year's Buckwild: a self-described small-town "redneck" group of friends, but these rednecks have sleds because, y'know, the slednecks live in Wasilla, Alaska. But despite an interesting concept and subculture I know very little about, either the premiere chooses to focus on all the wrong people, or these characters are somehow even less charming (except for you, Jackie; we'll get to you, Jackie) than Buckwild's. Not to mention, there is a certain amount of buckwild-ness you simply can't achieve when every inch of your surroundings are covered in ice and snow.

There is some reason to check Slednecks out though, if only for the scenery, and a few of these characters: There's nothing like an MTV show about the backwoods of Alaska to remind you that certain personality types are universal, like the girl who just can't let the idiot guy go, or the guy who's down to drink caribou blood for a little attention. You know the type...

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