From Toronto to Tribeca to Telluride: A Cheat Sheet for the 9 Film Festivals You Need to Know

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Every few months, there is a week or two where all of a sudden, obscure, international and indie movies get as much publicity as their big-budget, studio counterparts. Average moviegoers, not just impassioned cinephiles, can hear which of these films have the best cast or reviews, the latest directors to watch and what small budget films they can expect to see in local theaters. Audiences, and the movies themselves, have film festivals to thank for those precious few weeks.

September 5 marked the first day of this year's Toronto International Film Festival, meanwhile the Venice Film Festival is still going on, and the Telluride Film Festival just ended earlier this week. These might not be the biggest names in festivals, that title would go to the star-studded Sundance and glamorous Cannes, but they still deliver noteworthy movies and appearances from big stars.

Here's your guide to some of the world's major film festivals complete with time of year, location, what sets each one apart, and some of their biggest hits.

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