The 9 Things To Pack For Thanksgiving Break

by Tess Yocom

Well, it’s almost here. After a long, stressful, I-need-a-glass-of-wine kind of semester, Thanksgiving break is finally around the corner. Yeah, I’m about ready to binge-watch Gilmore Girls and stuff my face with my mom’s dinners. Plus, Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to eating, so it’s pretty much the best day of the year. Only a few more tests and projects until this dream world actually becomes a reality. Let’s speed up time here, please.

As great as Thanksgiving break may be, packing for it can be stressful. Really stressful. It’s the awkward middle time between going home for a quick weekend visit and the month-long “sleep-until-noon” fest that is winter break. How are you suppose to remember that important outfit to grace your presence with at the Thanksgiving table? What if you forget your hair straightener or phone? Will everything fit in that tiny suitcase that’s collected dust under your bed? The stress, people! The STRESS.

Luckily, with a ton of planning and a little bit of luck, you can actually manage your packing list. Here are nine things to remember while going home for Thanksgiving break — because the only thing that should really be on your mind is the turkey.

1. A REALLY Big Suitcase

A general rule: If your can barely close your suitcase, you need to pack a bigger one. From Black Friday sales to taking back your trusty North Face, you’ll be bringing back a few items to survive finals week. If your suitcase home is already full, you’re in trouble here.

2. Your Phone Charger

Yes, I know, this seems like a no brainer, but there's no feeling worse than that sinking sense of dread when you settle into your seat on the plane only to have a vivid picture of your charger still plugged into the wall pop into your head. You’ll have to awkwardly borrow your little sister’s when she’s not using it, or — better yet — give up and buy a new one. SIGH. Set a reminder before you head out so you actually remember it.

3. Summer Clothes

It’s sweater weather! It’s SWEATER WEATHER! Of course, that means we’ll be surrendering our cuts-offs and sandals for the next few months while the ground is covered in snow. Do yourself a favor and bring most of your summer gear home — and leave it there. Your J.Crew cardigan will thank you when it has more room in your closet.

4. Anything You Don't Really Wear

Let’s all admit that we’re guilty of falling in love with a pair of shoes, buying them ASAP, and then NEVER wearing them. Oops. Look through your closet and be honest with yourself — are you really going to wear that pair of jeans? If not, send them home. It's better than giving the item away, because you can always get it back come summer vacation if you fall in love again.

5. Sweaters. Lots Of Sweaters.

Thanksgiving break is pretty much a pregame for the winter break Netflix bingefest. Since it’s starting to get cold and you may or may not leave the house very often, be sure to pack a few cozy and casual sweaters.

6. A Nice Thanksgiving Outfit

Because once you finally get out of those sweaters, you’ll need to look fancy while eating way too much pumpkin pie.

7. Your Favorite Pillow

For the past seven years, I’ve slept with the exact same pillow. It’s perfect — firm, but a tad bit fluffy. If I ever forgot it (or lost it), it’s not going to be a very cozy break. If you’re anything like me, BRING THAT PILLOW.

8. Halloween Decorations

It’s Thanksgiving, so there’s absolutely no excuse for keeping that plastic Jack-O-Latern around your apartment/dorm room. Bring it home so you don’t have to worry about it when you’re moving out in May. Plus, it’s time to decorate for CHRISTMAS, which should really be the only excuse here.

9. A Gift For Your Parents

Because Mom and Dad could always use a bottle of wine.

Images: Getty Images, Giphy