These 10 Scary Movies, Which Aren't About Monsters or Killers, Are The Most Horrifying

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Although the horror genre relies so frequently on ghosts and monsters (and the occasional zombiefied backwoodsperson) to draw shrieks out of its masochistic audience, the scariest elements in film are often in no way rooted in the supernatural, nor in the obstinately gruesome. The scariest movies, in fact, rely not on creatures and killings, but on pure tension. This list celebrates petrifying films that maintain an aura of terror that stirs entirely within.

Sure, these movies might not pass muster with Ray Harryhausen, but they’re the sort of horrors that stick with you long after first viewing… that chill you to your bones right when you’re on the edge of sleep, and that render even the most safe and cozy of suburban avenues a haunting march.

Some of them call upon practical fears, like disease or addiction, to rattle any who dare to watch. Others probe deep into the troubled psyche, shining light on the personal emotional fissures that viewers may have been denying for years. More still chime in with good old-fashioned weirdness. The kind of weirdness that is unsettling to acknowledge as born from human imagination. And finally, some simply seem to know that the scariest things of all are the sort that happen to us everyday. So peruse the list for a good shudder… although I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to sit this one out.

Image: Sandrew Film & Teater/Gaumont

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