89 Reasons To Vote In the Midterm Election

Midterm elections are Tuesday, and although you're not voting for a new president just yet (hang in there, Obama), these elections are super important, too. Basically, on Nov. 4, seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate are up for the running, as well as governorships, state legislators, and a whole bunch of local races — depending on where you live, obviously. Voting is one of the most important things a citizen of any country can do, so, if you need further convincing to get out and vote, we've compiled a very long and very convincing list of reasons for you. Listen up! Here's why you should vote on Tuesday:

  1. It's your duty as a citizen.
  2. If you don't vote, you'd be a hypocrite when you complain about student loans or how much your trip to the gynecologist costs (financial aid, healthcare).
  3. Voting gets you high. For real, it's super empowering. (Marijuana-related highs for later.)
  4. If you don't want some Tea Party nut representing your state.
  5. To set an example for your younger sibling/neighbor/cousin.
  6. If your younger sibling/neighbor/cousin cares enough to vote, and you don't — that's pretty embarrassing.
  7. You get to stand in line with people who are as excited as you, almost like you're going to a Flying Lotus concert...
  8. ... Except you aren't completely exhausted after, and you get to go to a diner.
  9. Diners are American, Americans like freedom, freedom is voting. Bam!
  10. If an older person didn't vote and you did, it feels really good to rub it in their face.
  11. Because we live in a democracy.
  12. Because democracy was invented by Greece, the cradle of Western civilization.
  13. Voting means you want to be a part of change, not indifferent to it.
  14. People who vote are people who care, and, to quote one Ms. Hilton, that's hot.
  15. Weed, weed, weed.
  16. You want other countries to stop thinking America is full of people like Sarah Palin.
  17. You want to beat the influence that Fox News holds over a good number of the population.
  18. Every single vote holds equal weight: You and Beyoncé! Your elementary school teacher and RBG! Your grandma and Michael Bloomberg!
  19. You care about your ability to decide if you should take birth control or not, not your employer's.
  20. "We are little else involved in the way we are governed, except for a day in which something we do can actually matter." — my friend Michele D., a young, responsible female voter.
  21. If you're concerned about corporations having so much power, that almost everything you buy comes from the same companies.
  22. Leslie Knope voted. Why wouldn't you?
  23. <img src=""/> If you want diversity in politics, instead of old stuffy men deciding things about your reproductive rights.
  24. Political apathy is so 16th century.
  25. Because Wonder Woman owes it to women's suffrage, and so do you.
  26. Because Lena Dunham has a list of reasons too.
  27. Not voting is essentially giving a vote to the candidate you like the least.
  28. People disapprove of those who don't vote — I do, at least, and it is a disapproval laced with deep judgment. (Not sorry.)
  29. You want to have your voice heard.
  30. If you don't play, you can't win. And winning feels great.
  31. Voting affects everyone — kids, senior citizens, undocumented immigrants, even misunderstood teens.
  32. If you strongly agree or disagree with a politician's stance on issues. <img src=""/>
  33. The volunteers are super nice.
  34. Sometimes they give you cookies and coffee. (Free snacks?!? I'm there.)
  35. It's a gateway to becoming more involved in politics — and as an extension, society, history, the winds of change (cue Scorpions).
  36. You are involved in making history: everyone who voted for Obama in '08 can say that.
  37. Your gay friend can't get married to the love of his/her life.
  38. Your taxes pay politicians' salaries, essentially making you their employer. Don't you want to show them who's boss?
  39. If you vote, you make yourself matter.
  40. School shootings are out of control.
  41. Politicians notice who votes and who doesn't, so if young adults don't vote, they'll pay less attention to what you want.
  42. If you've voted for an American Idol contestant, why can't you vote at your local election?
  43. If you're interested in what the government does in/to other countries.
  44. If you want better public transportation.
  45. You get a sticker and stickers are fun!
  46. If you live in NYC or Hollywood, you might run into celebrities at the ballot center. (Hello, +1,000 points.)
  47. How many other kids in your kids' class? A political issue.
  48. Your aunt from Pakistan can't get a visa? Also a political issue.
  49. Political cred from both your peers and your elders.
  50. When the candidate you vote for wins, it's an incredible adrenaline rush...
  51. ...And a proper, adult reason to get drunk.
  52. Making an informed vote means educating yourself, and it feels really good to know about things that are going on, even if they really piss you off.
  53. Political cartoons make you feel like you're part of a secret society (kind of).
  54. Celebs vote and they want you to, too!
  55. It shapes the social landscape — voting rights, LGBT rights, women's rights... <img src=""/>
  56. ... And if our predecessors hadn't voted, we would be nowhere near achieving any of these things today.
  57. Politicians won't care about you unless you make yourself worth caring about — by voting.
  58. If you don't like even the remote possibility of the NSA knowing where you are, who you talk to, or what you do.
  59. Doing your part for the present, but also paving the way for the future (see #55).
  60. It's a privilege! Think North Korea. <img src=""/>
  61. Because Fox News says that women shouldn't vote.
  62. It takes less time to cast a ballot than it does to cook a turkey.
  63. If you disagree with any number of policies that the government put in place.
  64. If you're not an armchair activist.
  65. You get to humblebrag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!
  66. It makes for an interesting, if provocative, dinner conversation.
  67. You care about minimum wage.
  68. You think veterans deserve to be cared for, and well.
  69. Affordable things! Education, healthcare, housing.
  70. You're tired of bipartisan politics.
  71. You want Wall Street to be more accountable.
  72. Income inequality makes you mad.
  73. Because the recession meant that your expensive degree got you a minimum wage job.
  74. If you're one in seven Americans who rely on food banks.
  75. Because Justin Bieber is Canadian and doesn't have the right to vote, and therefore cannot wreak more havoc in the U.S. <img src=""/>
  76. Because Ryan Gosling is also Canadian, so while you may never have him, take solace in the fact that you can exercise a right that he can't.
  77. Because Obamacare has got you covered for the next few years while you figure out your life.
  78. The act of voting is like playing a slot machine (you get to pull a lever!), but you have a better chance of winning.
  79. If you're mad that the U.S. military budget is way bigger than that for education, healthcare, or science research.
  80. If you don't want another massive oil company destroying the Gulf of Mexico.
  81. If you think children should be taught evolution and science in school.
  82. Voting day is the only time it's appropriate to wear an American flag as a cape — take advantage, I beg you. <img src=""/>
  83. It's also the only day when foreigners will smile in mild amusement instead of roll their eyes, when you chant "USA! USA!"
  84. Some schools give kids and staff the day off, so it's basically a holiday.
  85. You get to miss work for an hour!
  86. Maybe you'll meet your soulmate in line, and hey, you'd save yourself the agony of finding out if this person is politically apathetic or not!
  87. You care about immigration reform and the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.
  88. If you want people in power to keep gentrification in check.
  89. If you run for office, you can vote for yourself!

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