His Dad Could Be Why He Is Innocent

On Thursday's new episode of How To Get Away With Murder , Asher Millstone was the student spotlight of the week. We already knew a bit about Asher, mostly that he was definitely innocent in the murder of Sam Keating, Annalise Keating's cheating husband, but we didn't know how or why he wasn't with the rest of his peers for the coverup. It always seemed strange that Asher was the only law student that wasn't at the crime scene or in the woods. On Thursday, we learned that he almost was at the crime scene — in fact, the other law students even contemplated framing him for Sam's murder.

On Thursday, one of the things we learned about Asher was that his dad was not only a judge, but the judge that presided over a case that Annalise & Co. was repealing for the murder-of-the-week. It turned out, that Asher's father — who is now a crazy powerful judge — ignored a tip that a witness had perjured herself during the case, which allowed him to move up in the ranks of judgeship, and caused an innocent man to go to jail. But when Asher learned of this, he decided to not just be sad — although that scene between him and his dad was sad — but to use it to get ahead with Annalise. Sneaky, Asher.

Asher used the knowledge he gained from his dad as leverage to 1) keep his father's name out of the repeal, and 2) get the trophy — and murder weapon — in his possession. So why does this matter? Well, it could be the reason Asher isn't at the crime scene.

We learned in the beginning of the episode that Asher still had the trophy up until the murder of Sam. He was making it rain — by himself, in his apartment, with real money, and Magic Mike moves, it was awesome — when he realized someone (he assumed Michaela) stole his trophy. His first instinct was to go to Annalise's office to confront the law students (and Rebecca) but they don't answer the door, and Michaela sends him away.

Asher tells someone (who we later learn is Bonnie) that he doesn't need to study for the test they have tomorrow because he has the trophy. So it could be that the rest of the students are all together because they are studying for the test that Asher doesn't need to take.

This still leaves the question of how they got into Asher's apartment to get the trophy, since it seems he expected the trophy to be in his home, and why he specifically pinpoints Michaela as the one who stole it from him. But for now, him having the trophy — and in turn, not having it during the time of the murder — could be what saved him from being involved... so thanks, Mr. Millstone?

Another question we need to have answered soon: When did Bonnie and Asher become a thing?

Images: ABC