The Government Looks a Lot Like 1994 Now...

It's rare that something so predictable makes so many headlines, but when there's so much at stake, it's inevitable. The GOP has officially taken over the Senate (and, as expected, is holding onto the House of Representatives), meaning that Republicans now control Congress. But what does that mean, exactly? Well, for one, we could see plenty of gridlock, and reproductive rights organizations are worried about how a GOP-led Congress could restrict abortion access for women via bills banning abortion after 20 weeks. Add to that fears surrounding what this means for judicial appointments on the federal level and the Supreme Court (since the Senate can block Obama's nominees) and the fact that this will ensure Benghazi remains in the 2016 conversation, much to Hillary Clinton's chagrin, and this result seems mighty scary in the eyes of any liberal individual.

Of course, since history repeats itself, we could take a look back at the last time we saw a midterm election yield a similar result: during 1994's "Republican Revolution," when the GOP took the House and Senate while Bill Clinton was still in office. And what did that midterm election produce? You got it — gridlock. Arguments between Clinton and Congress (and, particularly, House speaker Newt Gingrich) surrounding Medicare and more even led to a 27-day government shutdown in 1995. And considering one of those is still fresh in our minds following the 2013 shutdown over Obamacare, Americans are likely not eager to repeat that part of 1994's history.

In fact, here are 23 things from 1994 we'd much prefer to see than a GOP-dominated Congress and the subsequent gridlock to come.

Michael Bolton

Rachel Green's Wedding Dress

Celine Dion's Wedding Dress

The 8,546th Airing of Shawshank Redemption on TV

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Kissing

Gwen Stefani's Blue Hair

Having to Rewind

Not to Mention, This

Gwyneth and Brad with the Same Haircut

Realizing Someone Taped Over Your Recording of Party of Five

Your Uncle Doing a Terrible Karaoke Version of "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)"

The Terrible Scene from The Lion King That Ruined Your Childhood


Liv Tyler stripping in HER DAD's "Crazy" Music Video

A Half-Eaten Jawbreaker Hiding Somewhere In Your Room

This, On a Loop, Over and Over

And, Speaking Of, Tonya Harding's Bangs

Your Older Brother's Impression of Ace Ventura

Or Forrest Gump

A Broken Nintendo or Game Boy You Can Fix In Only One Way

Naked Gun 33 1/3, and the Uncomfortable Feeling That Comes Along With It

Every Article of Clothing Worn in This Promo Shot


Do not want.

But perhaps we should be optimistic — after all, Congress and Clinton eventually managed to work together, once the GOP-controlled House and Senate realized doing something and working with the Democratic president was prudent. After all, who would vote for a party that only invited gridlock in the next presidential election?

Then again, many are predicting that the post-midterms Congress will be the "least productive in history," leaving us to decide once and for all: Is inaction better than action in this case?

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