13 Essential Cake Recipes to Master Because You Are a Total Cake Boss

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When it comes to cake, the answer is always yes. Should you bake one today? Of course. Is it responsible to have the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow? Obviously. Should you make it in a mug because it’s midnight and everyone else is asleep? Get it, girl. In the end, there’s only one question that really matters: What kind of cake will you be baking?

The thing is, we all have our trusty recipes, those cakes we turn to first when the whole world is against us. That one page in your cookbook has been dog-eared and floured to death — but now, it’s time to branch out. You know, maybe see a few new recipes along the way. (It’s not you, Betty Crocker; it’s us.) If you’re up for a baking marathon, we rounded up the essential cakes to master, starting with a few classics and finishing off with a wildcard or two. You can thank us later, preferably with a slice of German chocolate.

Image: My Name Is Yeh

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