The Best Horror Movie Heroines Who Knew How to Save Themselves

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Far too often these days, your average monster movie, slasher picture, or garden variety horror flick doesn't have much in the way of heroism. In the second rate slate of jump-scare fodder, we're stuck with a vacant leading lady, one who isn't too hard on the eyes but who is just relegated to bad decisions and high-pitched shrieks. But the horror genre hasn't always treated its heroines so poorly. In fact, glancing back to the glory days of the sinister '70s and campy '80s (and to a few odd instances in the grungy '90s and meta '00s), we find a handful of terrific female roles at the head of horror cinema.

Some are hard-noses brutes from the start. Others are pragmatic intellectuals who use their brains to take out the demonic foe at the center of the story. Some make it to the end, going on to live another day with whatever other parties were lucky enough to survive the evil force's wrath. Others... well, they join the silent majority, but sing out an unflappable legacy.

In honor of Halloween, check out this gallery of our favorite heroines for horror movies. Whether faced with a hungry zombie, killer alien, malicious murderer, or amorphous blob, each of these women knows exactly how to handle herself.

Image: Paramount Pictures

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