Stassi's The 'Vanderpump' Vanderprankster

Hey, remember when a gorgeous rumor about an alleged Stassi Schroeder prank show first reared its head on the Internet? And remember when all of us (or maybe it was just me) almost flipped a table over out of excitement, but then reigned in that excitement because a Stassi prank show sounded like something that was too good to be true? Well, you might want to plop your rear end in a chair and prep yourself for this next sentence: The rumor was sort of true. No, the reality star doesn’t have her very own Candid Camera-style Vanderpump Rules spinoff, BUT! Stassi did film a one-off prank for Bravo. With the assistance of Fashion Queens’ Bevy Smith, a restaurant full of actors, and two accomplices, Stassi played an elaborate practical joke on a VR superfan. And there is a video of said elaborate practical joke on Bravo's website.

"So, Kristie..." you interject. "Did you actually watch the Stassi prank?"

Haaaaaaaaaa ha HA ha Ha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA ahhhhhhhhhhahahahaha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Of course I watched it. And I loved every beautiful and awkward second of it. Come on. Who would say "STASSI PRANKIN' FANS SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE" only to be like "hard pass" when the actual video hit the web?

A jackal, THAT'S who.

What's my favorite part of the video? Uh, when Stassi takes matters into her own hands and goes rouge. No question.

Man, she really nailed it. When she chucks that glass? UGH. She is a national treasure. May we never forget.

Image: eaidiario/tumblr