Dear Kate Lingerie Responds To That VS Ad

Now here's an example of how a lingerie ad should look. Because women need even more reasons to feel bad about themselves, Victoria's Secret launched their "Perfect Body" ad, featuring ten thin women with effectively identical body shapes — because we know skinny is the definition of perfect and obviously everyone's body looks like this. The campaign received much negative backlash from the public, and now an all-girl lingerie company Dear Kate is retaliating. Finally, a brand that actually wants to represent real women.

The underwear company published a photograph on their blog in the exact likeness of the VS ad with ten women, of varying shapes and sizes, posing in underwear and tank tops. The picture is neither photoshopped nor retouched, and is far more representative of females, whose bodies are not homogenous or universally the same shape. The photograph is captioned:

Through this photo, we showcase women who are often neglected by the media and traditional retailers. We show the multitude of shapes perfect bodies can take. We stand with the petition of Gabriella Kountourides, Laura Ferris, and Frances Black for Victoria’s Secret to apologize and amend the wording on their advertisements for the “Body” bra.

If you agree, you can sign the petition to amend Victoria's Secret's marketing. Here's to hoping future lingerie ads will adequately reflect the women they're targeting themselves to, but given VS's incredible popularity, I'm not holding my breath.

Images: Dear Kate