Will 'Manzo'd With Children' Return for Season 2? Bravo Can't Lose Caroline & Co.

Does Bravo have another hit on its hands? The network famous for its Real Housewives series is no stranger when it comes to giving cast members their owns shows, including Real Housewives of New Jersey's Caroline Manzo and her family, who now star in Manzo'd With Children . The half-hour reality show focuses on the Manzo fam, incuding Caroline, Albert, Albie, Lauren, and Chris. It follows their daily adventures of work, love, life, and dealing with one crazy, but passionate, family. This Sunday, the Season 1 finale airs, which leaves us with one question: will Manzo'd with Children be back for a second season of fun shenanigans? Well, there is absolutely zero word, yet, about a renewal, but I have a hard time believing Bravo wouldn't give this family another season.

Why? First, Caroline is a beloved housewife (by some). Personally, I couldn't imagine the network without her, but she must've not been feeling it on Housewives anymore once the fifth season ended, because she hasn't been back since. Of course fans can't complain too much, because we got this Manzo-centric spinoff — unless it doesn't return. It's doubtful that Caroline would return to her former reality roots ( though I wish she would, because this past season of RHONJ was absolutely awful), so either Bravo can get rid of her altogether, keep Manzo'd alive, or give her another spinoff (like one featuring Lauren's wedding, which will most likely happen anyways, unless she wants it to be a private affair).

Second, I want to see more of the Manzo family craziness, especially from Chris (who really knows how to turn a "Previously, on Manzo'd with Children" into a smash success), Albie, and Lauren. This is a tight-knit family, and I think people can relate to them on some level, like when it comes to their love of family, handling family issues, and, of course, how to have a good laugh.

Whatever the case, at least we can always watch Bravo reruns, because we know the network is all about marathons.

Image: Robert Ascroft/Bravo