NBC's New Cancellations Come With Some Good News

So I have good news and bad news for some of fall's new shows and their fans. The bad news: Two of NBC's newest fall shows, Bad Judge and A to Z , are being canceled. But the good news: For once, NBC is letting them finish out their season order first. While only five episodes of each show have aired, NBC is reportedly allowing both shows to air all 13 episodes before shutting them down.

It must be bit depressing to have to go to work on a dead show. But for fans of the series, at least things won't be stopped in the middle with no resolution. Resolution-less show endings ARE THE WORST. United States of Tara, anyone? It's nice that the Bad Judge and A to Z fans will get some closure. After all, it's not like no one was watching the two new shows — just not enough people were watching.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the latest episode of Bad Judge drew 4 million viewers which gave it a .9 rating. A to Z scored 2.6 million viewers last Thursday for a .7 rating. But when you compare them to the other show in their time slot, ABC's Scandal, it's not surprising they won't be allowed to stick around. Last Thursday alone, Scandal brought in 9 million viewers for a 3.0 rating.

Going up against any Shonda Rhimes show is trouble, especially for two fall newbies. Though Bad Judge was funny and A to Z was a fresh take on your average rom-com, both of them were basically doomed from the start. But now fans will at least get to see an entire season of the show, so it's not all bad. And as Entertainment Weekly pointed out, "since the shows are going to be on the air for awhile, there’s always the possibility of a ratings surge that gives NBC second thoughts about their fates."

So just keep watching and you never know — the two shows could be granted a season 2 miracle and come back from the dead. It worked for AMC's The Killing , twice!

Images: NBC; sangrebelleza, taylortownsend/Tumblr