9 Thanksgiving Decorations So Ridiculous You Can't Help But Love Them Anyway

The three best parts of Thanksgiving are obviously the food, the whole being grateful thing, and finally, the decorations. You may not consider Thanksgiving decor a crucial part of the holiday, but trust me, it is. Remember when you were little and making a hand turkey was just about the greatest thing ever? Or how you scattered paper leaves around the house with reckless abandon all in the name of “decorating”? There’s just something deliciously nostalgic about cheesy Thanksgiving decorations… and we just can't get enough.

In between your daydreams of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, take a peek at how over-the-top festive you can actually get decorating for this amazing holiday. Here are 9 examples of some Thanksgiving decorations that are so ridiculous, you can't help but want them for yourself.

Gobble Til You Wobble Banner

I found your Thanksgiving mantra.

Gobble Banner, $30, Etsy

Creepy Pilgrims

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave creepy decorations around. These Annabelle-esque pilgrims ought to do just the trick.

Creepy Pilgrims, $18, Etsy

Turkey Hat

Stay warm after that turkey puts you to sleep with this plush turkey hat.

Turkey Hat, $8, Amazon

Inflatable Turkey

Short on time? Don’t worry. You can blow up a turkey this year. You’ll save on time, and on calories.

Inflatable Turkey, $13, Amazon

Little Turkey Dog Dress

If I know anything about dogs, it’s that they like dressing up as turkeys… right?

Turkey Dog Dress, $45, Etsy

Thanksgiving Ornaments

Half-pilgrim, half-dog, these ornaments are perfect for your Thanksgiving tree.

Thanksgiving Ornaments, $18, Etsy

Turkey and Stuffing Candle

Let the smell of Thanksgiving waft through your home with this candle.

Turkey and Stuffing Candle, $20, Amazon

Eat More Beef!

I don’t think my doctor would agree, but I’ll give it a shot.

Eat More Beef Sign, $14, Etsy

6-Foot Airblown Turkey

You need this. Trust me, you need this.

6-Foot Airblown Turkey, $72, Amazon