Ranking The Mac Viva Glam Campaigns From The RuPaul Alphabet to Rihanna's Mucus Green Get-up

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Staunch proponent of the Nae Nae Miley Cyrus has been anointed Mac's newest Viva Glam spokesperson. With this title, Cyrus will join the leagues of such eminent pop culture personae as Rupaul Charles, Elton John, Missy Elliott, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and many more who've all teamed up with MAC's HIV/AIDS fund. In addition to MAC's humanitarian mission of donating 100% of commercial proceeds go people effected by HIV/AIDS, they consistently turns out some of the most artful campaigns every year for Viva Glam. Needless to say, Miles has a few tough acts to follow.

MAC ads are pretty much always killer, but Viva Glam has cultivated a style all its own. Since the effort launched in 1994, these unmistakable images are stylishly eye-popping visual feasts, carrying a signature tongue-in-cheek wit and an infectious spirit of play. From RuPaul to Miley, I'm taking on the task of ranking all of these gorgeous campaigns. Gird your loins, kids. There's about to be a lotta glitter up in here.

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