Finally a 'Glee' Promo With Actual Footage

FOX has finally released the first official trailer with ACTUAL FOOTAGE. The new Glee Season 5 trailer, which teases the two-episode Beatles-themed season premiere, features both familiar faces from McKinley High as well as fan-favorites Kurt and Rachel in New York and everyone looks really happy to be there.

Big props to Glee for reminding us what the show's all about in the face of the tragic loss of Cory Montieth earlier this summer and letting us all know that they're honoring his memory by maintaining all of the elements that we've come to love in the show.

If this 30-second trailer is any indication, it looks like Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester is back and up to her usual behavior that involves antagonizing pretty much everyone, including Principal Figgins who's now a janitor (?), and the New Directions will be rocking some serious Beatles and 60s-inspired costumes while they sing their way through the band's legendary discography.

The show's fifth season is set to premiere on Thursday, September 26th at 9 p.m. EST.

And here it is:

P.S. - You can sing to us any day, Blaine Anderson.