Could Chuck Return for the 'Supernatural' Musical?

Can you believe we've been enjoying Sam and Dean Winchester for 199 Supernatural episodes? That's a lot of demon hunting, angel battling, bromance hugging, crying (that I just can't get enough of), and shoddy motel living. In two weeks, on Tuesday, Nov. 11, everybody's favorite hunters will appear in a very special 200th musical episode of Supernatural , which may include Chuck Shurley, the singing, fan-favorite prophet.

The 200th episode, titled "Fan Fiction," will showcase a play based on Chuck's (aka Carver Edlund) Supernatural books. Based on the promo below, Dean is none too happy, after all, "there is no singing in Supernatural." The milestone episode promises to be a big one, especially since some familiar faces (sadly, neither Misha Collins or Mark Sheppard will be seen in the episode) will be seen/"represented in a way" fans should love, which I assume means others will portray them on stage. One I hope to see, and not just in the play? Chuck. We last saw Chuck in the Season 5 finale, where he rode off into the sunset in a very white shirt. His last scene and words, of course, made fans speculate that he might be the new God. Whether Chuck is or isn't, we've seen over the course of several seasons that God is MIA, especially evident since Castiel and his fellow angels have taken Heaven into their own hands.

With all of that said, wouldn't it make sense to bring back Chuck (who else misses him?) as God? Then he could restore Castiel's grace completely and fix the angel situation. Also, he just might be able to cure that pesky Mark of Cain. Per Zap2it, showrunner Jeremy Carver played coy on whether God will be returning, which means we just might be onto something. To theorize even more, Entertainment Weekly provided some juicy spoilers on the 200th episode, revealing that Dean and Sam will be the only men in the episode "save for one." We can only hope that means Chuck.

Spoilers from TVLine say that this season is going to be quite the test for Castiel. Despite Crowley stealing another angel's grace and feeding it to Cas, that doesn't mean he's cured. Carver told TVLine that Cas is at a "crossroads" and will have to decide what's important to him and his mission. Carver also said that this is going to be a "pretty personal, pretty powerful journey," and according to ScreenFad's interview with Misha Collins, one that will have him coming face to face with Claire Novak (the daughter of Castiel's vessel), in addition to Cas wanting to right his past wrongs.

If that isn't enough, we also have to worry about Castiel's health. It's suffering because of his dwindling grace. Luckily, there is some of his grace leftover, at least according to Metatron. Will Cas go to great lengths to finally retrieve his grace? Collins also told ScreenFad, “I definitely think he’s earnest when he says that he’s willing to martyr himself and that’s he’s not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to regain his or to re-power his grace. But I don’t think it will come to that.” Collins also doesn't think it will come to Cas becoming human again, “No, no, I don’t think he has any designs on becoming human. That’s not him. His core being is an angel, he knows that.”

Basically, we need Chuck (and not only so we can finally have Benedict back in our lives) so he can fix Castiel and Dean and make everything better. Plus, that would make one special Supernatural episode even more special.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; allthesupernaturalgifs/Tumblr