Taylor Swift Posts A Pic of Her Number One Fan

Taylor Swift has a hell of a lot of fans, but I think it's safe to say that there's one who stands out among the rest. And for a good reason, because she sort of sacrificed her body for nine months and gave birth to her and all that. Anyway, that particular fan, her mother, got in on the 1989 social media fun in the most adorable way. If you're up on all your Taylor Swift culture news and lingo (as you should be) you know that the singer-songwriter has been "#taylurking" as of late. Which is really just a fancy way of saying that she has been going through hashtags and mentions and stalks her fans on social media and then makes their lives by liking or reposting pictures of them. Her most recent #taylurking tactic though, is reposting pictures of fans with the 1989 album in a collage and captioning it with song lyrics from the record.

1989 selfies aren't just for the overenthusiastic youngins, though. And on Sunday, Mrs. Swift showed that by doing the cutest, most mom thing there ever was. In keeping up with the trends, Swift's mom sent her daughter a shot of herself smizing in Wal Mart with 1989 in hand in front of a life sized cut out of Swift. Proving that no matter how old or successful you are, your mom is always your number one fan girl.