Taylor's New Hobby Proves She Adores her Fans

For the past 24 hours, Taylor Swift's new album 1989 has provided the soundtrack to my life. Whether I'm getting ready in the morning, riding the subway, or typing this very article, chances are "Blank Spaces" or "All You Had to Do Was Stay" is playing in the background. My point? I'm pretty much as obsessed with T. Swift's new album as the rest of the world. Actually, there are people way more obsessed than me — and they're showing their love for it by tagging Swift in photos. She's returning the favor in the best way: by sharing a bunch of fan photos with the hashtag #TayLurking... Get it? Taylor + Lurking = TayLurking. Genius!

Swift began TayLurking on Monday after the album came out, and the trend continued into Tuesday. Along with the photos, she's been posting lyrics from 1989. Honestly, I just think it's awesome she cares so much about her fans. You could be cynical and say, "What if it's not really her writing that?" But, shhh! Let's think about it. She's the same person who invited fans over to her apartment for pizza and gossip, like they were old pals. She also held "secret sessions" where fans listened to her new songs and posed for Polaroid photos. So based on this assortment of evidence, it seems pretty genuine to me. Case in point? She even tweeted: "I cyber-stalk because I care."

While some stars have diva rumors (that maybe aren't true after all...), Swift seems to have a heart of gold. Let's look at some of the best #Taylurking photos as proof:

There are plenty more where those came from! Just head to her Twitter. Ugh, Tay really is so great! Whether it's a marketing move or not, she knows exactly how to keep her fans happy and that's what matters most.