These Baby Pandas Refuse To Take Their Meds

YOU HAD ONE JOB, ZOOKEEPER. This adorable video of two pandas wrestling with a zookeeper who is just trying to give them their medicine recently surfaced on the Internet, and it might just restore your faith in all things wonderful and good. Filmed at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China, it is very clear to see that these fluffy babies do NOT want whatever is coming out of that syringe. And who could blame them? Syringes are scary! As the zookeeper does his best to gently feed them drugs, the two pandas work together to try and defeat him. And by “defeat” I really mean "smother with cuteness." As he attempts to treat them for their own good, they cling on to him, and at one point, have him in a panda-human-panda sandwich. When he finally grabs ahold of one panda’s face, the other starts climbing on his back. Oh my babies, the struggles is so real.

It looks like finally gets the two troublemakers to take their medication, because you can see them thoughtfully licking their faces. See? It wasn’t so bad! When I saw this video I immediately thought of myself at their age. Toddlers will do anything but eat medicine, because medicine is "yucky," as I would declare. Unless it’s Dimetapp. Which tastes like Kool-Aid concentrate. Let’s hope those pandas babes got some of that stuff.

Image: Getty Images