'Euros of Hollywood' Star Bleona is the Most Famous Woman You've Never Heard of

Bravo has a way of rehashing the same formula for its reality shows: follow a group of hot men and women as they try to make a name for themselves in a famous metropolis. We've seen this time and time again on shows like Miami Social, Southern Charm, and Ladies of London. Now Bravo is betting on six ridiculous and ridiculously good-looking men and women to bring the drama in its new series Euros of Hollywood and among the Europeans in the cast now trying to take over America is Euros of Hollywood star Bleona Qereti, but you may know her simply as Bleona.

No? Still nothing? While her name is unique, it's not very well known in the States. However, in her home country of Albania, Bleona is a major pop star. This is the case so much so that she's earned the nickname "Madonna of Albania," although she claims she is not the "next Madonna" but the "first Bleona." And she's modest, too!

But in all seriousness, it's kind of cool to have someone star on a Bravo show that we didn't realize was so famous halfway across the world. It really makes you want to know more about Bleona, doesn't it? Here's everything you need to know about the most famous woman in the world you've never heard of.

She's conquered the Albanian music charts

Bleona on YouTube

When you only go by only your first name, you've got to be a pretty big deal, right? That's the case with Bleona, who has left her mark on the Albanian music scene with eight studio albums and arena shows in front of tens of thousands of people. Her music is your typical dance, electro, Euro pop fare of the Madonna or Kylie Minogue variety. Any big artist should have a name for his or her fans, and Bleona's admirers call themselves "Bleonaires." Bleona now lives in Los Angeles, where she's trying to conquer the U.S. music market as well. Appearing on a reality show is obviously the first step in making that happen.

She really wants you to know she's worked with Timbaland

If you Google Bleona, chances are you will find stories about her where she talks about how she visited the famous producer's studio every day for six months until he agreed to work with her. They eventually collaborated on three songs, including her first English-language song "Pass Out." A fun drinking game for Euros of Hollywood would be taking a sip after every mention of Timbaland, which will probably make you pass out.

She was a child star

Just like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera got their start on The Mickey Mouse Club, Bleona got into show biz through the Albanian equivalent The House of Pionieri when she was 5 years old. My, how our little girl has grown.

She's not used to not being famous

On Euros of Hollywood, it looks like Bleona is going to have some difficulty adjusting to a culture that has no idea who she is. If she has a problem in Albania, she can call the prime minister, after all. She told The Huffington Post U.K. in 2013:

I was never outside the media attention in my country, but when I got to LA I was relieved I could go out without makeup, but after I week I was like 'come on these people have to know who I am.

But if Bleona ever encounters any haters on the streets of L.A., she's already well-equipped with a response.

Why of course she's an actress, too


Long after making her TV debut at age 5, Bleona made her American TV debut in the early 2010s in the Steven Seagal vehicle True Justice on ReelzChannel. No, Bleona did not win an Emmy for this performance, but to be fair, neither did Seagal.

Her dog has his own Instagram

You can't be a Bravolebrity without having an adorable animal companion, and Bleona has that covered with her cute pooch Jonny, who even has his own Instagram. Apparently, Jonny is very good at taking selfies, loves food porn as much as the rest of us, and gets a little sassy sometimes.

Now that you know everything about Bleona, you can truly appreciate the diva when Euros of Hollywood premieres on Monday, Nov. 3 on Bravo.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo; officialtimbaland/Tumblr