Teresa Left the Room When Her Sentence Came Up

Bravo had an explosive moment when Teresa Giudice walked out of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. Don't worry — she returned. But things started out so well for Tre. She cheered on Dina when the topic of Caroline came up. She didn't fly off the handle when Melissa implied that Teresa had "hit below the belt" by telling everyone that her sister-in-law used to be a stripper. But just as Teresa begrudgingly admitted that she was getting along with Kathy and that the dictionary gag gift wasn't that big of a deal, a clip package showing Kathy and Rosie's mother talking about Teresa's jail time was traumatizing enough to send her out of the room.

When Teresa heard her aunt mention that sometimes bad deeds result in bad punishments, she immediately said "I need a break," got up, and went to the bathroom. She's clearly going through a lot, but it was a little strange to see her reaction when her Jan. 2015 jail time already came up. Earlier in the show, she mentioned how she might miss Milania's birthday because she'll be "away," and managed to sit through it with resolve. And she opened up about Jacqueline, admitting that they're not close, but that there's lingering love there. But seeing her aunt mention the legal issues was a bridge too far, and she just had to get out of the room.

But when Teresa left the room, she didn't give the producers enough time to turn off her microphone — so we could hear her desperately trying to keep a cool head while offscreen. Here are the best quotes Bravo's sound system was able to pick up from the sanctuary of the bathroom:

"Do you have a tissue?"

"Oh, a penny!"

There may have been others, but the microphones weren't strong enough to hear much while the other ladies were still talking in the main room. But Teresa's chatter could be faintly heard in the background for the entire rest of the scene, as Rosie talked about her breakup, shrugging off any accusations about faking the relationship for TV, and Kathy got a little choked up while talking about her daughter's health issues. Teresa only returned once the Wakile/Pierri segment was over, and insisted that nobody talk about "that stuff" again. Something that was promptly ignored when Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice were both brought out explicitly to discuss what's going on with Teresa and Joe, and judging by the previews, it comes up frequently in the next two episodes. Andy Cohen had best keep an eye on Teresa's seat, or she might be outta there faster than you can say "fambily."

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy (2)