How To Truly Get Kylie Jenner Lips Using Liner

by Miki Hayes

Even if Kylie Jenner is over everyone's obsession with her lips, it doesn't mean the obsession is over. Whether or not she actually had lip injections (I doubt it), she at least overdraws her lips. And her preferred colors? Kim Kardashian recently divulged in an interview with Pixiwoo that the youngest Jenner uses MAC lip pencils in Soar and Spice. (And Kim uses Stripdown, if you're curious.) But let's be honest, the Kylie Jenner lip isn't all about what 90's throwback colors she slaps on her pout. It's about that magical transformation. Haters gonna hate, but her non-surgical plumping is pretty impressive. If you really want to do your lips up like Jenner, there's even more that you can do than to simply overdraw them.

Specifically, there are five simple tricks that will help increase the appearance of the size of your lips. Of course you can pick and choose which of these tricks to use to plump your pout. You can just use one for a little extra oomph, or you can combine some to really get the injected-lips effect. But for the sake of this article, I've done them all. And while choosing the right color totally helps, this is how to really get that Kylie Jenner lip.

1. Exfoliate...

Your lips to get the blood flowing and begin the plumping process.

2. Conceal...

The center of your lips to start the ombré effect. This is where it starts to get a little weird, BTW.

3. Line & Blend...

Your lips with a liner slightly darker than your natural lip color. You can slightly overdraw your lips, and instead of following the line of your cupid's bow, draw a line straight across the top of your lips. Blend the darker liner into the concealed part of your lips to complete the ombré effect. Pairing these tricks will help get that mega-volume.

4. Highlight & Contour...

By applying a light eyeshadow or highlighter above your cupid's bow, and a bronzer or contouring powder below the center of your bottom lip. This will help with that pouty look.

5. Gloss

Of course you can top your lips off with whatever you prefer— gloss or lipstick, in any color you want. But if you go for a sheer gloss, you'll get the most out of your contour. The sheerness will let more of the ombré peek through, and a gloss's ability to reflect light will make your lips look even bigger.

And it's go big or go home, right?

Images: Miki Hayes (5)