Emily Needs To Come Clean For Him

It's been a long time since Revenge made me feel any emotion other than frustration, so excuse me if I'm a little extra sappy right now. Because, honestly, I didn't expect this turn of events — clearly Revenge's reboot has also rebooted my brain as to what I know about the series. Sunday night's episode, "Damage," had David accuse Nolan of stealing Emily's inheritance and punching him in the face. Which was a far cry from the pair's meeting during last Sunday's episode, which seemed to be more enlightening than anything else. So, it's officially time for Emily to come clean to David because now her only family is suffering for her lies.

During "Damages," Victoria finally set up a press conference for David with Margeaux's company to have him tell "his story." I had reservations about this from the beginning, especially since no one really knows what David's story really is, but not even that could've prepared me for what this man had up his sleeve. David asked Nolan to appear during the live interview with him, which seemed like a sweet enough gesture, considering how the pair left off after their meeting during last Sunday's episode. Well, I was wrong and, apparently, we were all wrong about David Clarke being a victim. Because, in reality, he's an evil genius hellbent on inflicting pain. And on the wrong people, no less.

David used the interview as an opportunity to publicly accuse Nolan of stealing Amanda Clarke's inheritance. Which we all know is a crock of bullshit, but what else is the man supposed to believe? He still doesn't know that Emily is actually Amanda Clarke, a detail that would've undoubtably stopped this fiasco from going down. David accused Nolan of giving Amanda only $100,000 of her inheritance before keeping the rest for himself and forcing her to strip for a living. And poor Nolan just sat there, totally blindsided, wondering why this man that he thought of as a father would do this to him and how David could possibly believe that Nolan would insult his memory in such a way.

But, unfortunately, it gets worse — David turns up at Nolan's house, essentially tells him he's a bad person and punches him right in the face while saying that, if he were actually Nolan's father, he would've done that a long time ago. I don't know about you, but I'm really starting to get sick of having David on Revenge because his whole "I'm a victim" act is getting super old. But, aside from the fact that David's behavior is off the charts, this whole situation should force Emily to come clean to her father.

Like Nolan said when she showed up at his home after the beating, Nolan finally suffered for Emily's lies. As far as I'm concerned, Nolan's more of Emily's family than David is at this point and if this is the road things are going down, she needs to tell her father the truth. Because Nolan doesn't deserve this after all of the shit he's been through already with Emily. It's the least she could do.

Image: ABC