Scheana Marie Talks to Us About Feminism

We've been waiting for so long it seems crazy that it's finally here, but Vanderpump Rules Season 3 premiered Monday night, and it did not disappoint. The fights, the laughs, the drink specials, the handkerchiefs that they call uniforms, Lisa's advice sessions, the fights, the semi-naked and totally naked photo shoots, the eye rolls and again, those amazing fights have all come back with a vengeance. And this season, we will get to see a whole lot of Scheana Marie and her BFF Ariana Madix (who is now dating Tom Sandoval) as Scheana's bachelorette party, and her wedding, will be aired. Bustle talked with Scheana to get the scoop on a few spoilers for the season. "More cheating, more people getting punched in the face and a lot of drinking," she tells me, and so far, she's not wrong.

In the premiere, we already saw several intoxicated people, one (really graphic and detailed) cheating accusation, one fist fight, and let's not forget about that Instagram face off. But Scheana says everything you see on the show is real, there's no fakeness here. "People don't believe it. They're like 'there's no way it's all real. People aren't that crazy' but on our show... they are!"

The question is, will we see this kind of general merriment at her bachelorette party? She didn't provide too many details on her bride-to-be party except that it will be a joint bachelor/bachelorette in Miami, which basically is asking for absolute debauchery and, like, four threesomes. She does admit that she was a little nervous when it came to having her wedding filmed but she was excited at the same time. However, she also hasn't seen any of the footage yet, so she could entirely change her mind.

But, what about that dress?

Scheana tells me, "I wanted to be different and stand out. I wanted to wear a dress that would make people talk. A dress that no one has worn before. Ever since I was a little girl, I planned on my Aunt Dimitrianne making it. We designed several, and [the dress I wore] was not only my favorite but the most unique, as well. It was 100 degrees in the valley during the summer, so I felt it was very fitting for the occasion."

Besides the wedding, the 29-year-old reality star has been keeping busy. Though Scheana has recorded a new song, she is still working at SUR and still on Team Lisa. "She's amazing! Not only is she a great boss but we all consider her a great friend." But she draws the line when it comes to feminism.

"Nothing against [it] but I've always been more of a guys girl."

And there you go.

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