Where Do These Bravo Stars Hang Out in LA?

The United States of America has a certain reputation to countries abroad — we sometimes have questionable taste in leaders (ahem, the George W. Bush years), we lead the world in obesity, and, as Miley Cyrus said so eloquently in her song "Party in the USA": we're the "land of fame excess." Namely, Miley was singing about Los Angeles, the celebrity capitol of the states. Sure, people totally get famous other places too, but there's something about gaining fame here in America that launches careers into the stratosphere. Just ask international talents like Sam Smith, Calvin Harris, and Enrique Iglesias, who became household names once they were embraced by the massive U.S. audience. Bravo has taken note and decided its next reality TV series would track six European stars looking for similar crossover success all over Los Angeles in Euros of Hollywood , premiering Monday night.

The series follows Swedish model Isabel Adrian (who is married to Swedish House Mafia's Steve Angello), Italian actor Massimo Dobrovic, Austrian painter/popstar Fawni, German DJ and music producer Sascha Gerecht, Danish jeweler Jannik Olander, and Bleona Qereti (who has been dubbed the "Madonna of Albania") Will they find the fame and fortune in the City of Angeles? So far, the Euros of Hollywood sneak preview special showed the six-some working hard in LA — and not just Hollywood. Here are the three neighborhoods the show prominently showcased:


Well, of course it would be one of them. It's in the title of the show! But the word "Hollywood" has so many different meanings in Los Angeles — it's a neighborhood, an industry, and a lifestyle. In the series, Dobrovic has a swanky apartment in the very crowded (and touristy) neighborhood.

It's not just the name and the famous white-lettered sign that makes Hollywood a tourist trap — the neighborhood is home to the TCL Chinese Theater, the Kodak Theater (where the Oscars take place), and costumed street performers who occasionally fight each other.

Melrose Avenue

This street is known for its trendy boutiques, delicious eateries, and difficulty parking your car — but really, that last one is most of LA. Olander's Nialaya flagship store and offices are on Melrose, as well as Gerecht's clothing store Rockstars and Angels.

Nialaya's tagline might be "Handmade in Hollywood," but that might be only half-true — technically, the store is actually located in the City of West Hollywood, famous for its proud LGBT population and difficult parking (duh).

Beverly Hills

The area made famous by its famous zip code 90210 and Rodeo Drive is also inhabited by Olander in the show. The preview special showed his fabulous house on a night when he had the five other Euros of Hollywood over for dinner. Did they all get along swimmingly? Not quite. I mean, this is a Bravo reality show I'm talking about here. Of course, there's going to be a little bit a drama between these European stars.

Who will be the one to win America's heart and breakthrough first? We'll just have to watch and find out.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo